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Emergency Services

Emergency services may be contacted by dialing 911. Non-emergency number for the Coffey County Sheriff’s Office is 620.364.2123.

Emergency Siren


The City of Gridley tests an outdoor emergency notification siren periodically. 

      Fire: a rising and falling tone with a warble or          quaver

      Tornado or natural disaster: a steady blast

      Attack: a rising and falling tone without the              warble or quaver

Coffey County District #1  

Fire Station

The Gridley Fire Station is located at 827 Main, and houses one 1250 gpm pumper, one 3000-gallon tanker, four grass/brush trucks, and a medical/rescue vehicle. The approximately 20 volunteer firefighters and first responders have an excellent response time. The station contains a large classroom for training. The classroom is also available for public use for a rental fee.

Driver's License and ID Card Services

Coffey County Courthouse
110 S. 6th Street
Burlington, KS 66839

Call for appointment.

Coffey County Sheriff

605 Neosho
P.O. Box 226
Burlington, KS 66839

Coffey County Courthouse

110 South 6th
Burlington, KS 66839


For voter registration, polling places, and other election information, contact Coffey County Clerk Office.


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